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Curtains affect can create perfect romantic home

Le 5 septembre 2017, 04:18 dans Humeurs 0

To get home look better, the role of the curtains absolutely can not be ignored. Now people are seeking quality life, as well as home life, through the curtains you can create a different home environment. Today I would like to introduce several blue curtains, after installation, it can make your home wonderful a lot. Both beautiful and practical, it can give you to create the perfect romantic home.

Blue can give a sense of quiet blue ocean

Choose a kind of blue curtains can make you feel fresh and comfortable at home. Sitting on the sofa, you can feel as the wind flowing from the sea, and it also can create an atmosphere of calm. Mediterranean-style designed room, can put some more green plants, and then with a blue curtain, immediately the entire space will be a breath of fresh air, and then with a light blue wallpaper, allowing the overall change a more fresh and eye-catching. We can also choose to have a petal pattern silhouette on a blue background on the wall, can make indoor more with a dynamic and angry.


Blue is good for mental and physical balance.

Blue curtains with plus painted pale blue walls, and then with the interior painting and fresh potted plants, feels, like walking into a different nature, body and mind can be greatly relaxed, this design makes it a feast for the eyes. Especially in the bedroom, if using blue curtains, walls choose light blue, then you can give to create a maritime atmosphere, if coupled with a green flower to adorn the case when the entire color combinations will be more complete, also in line with modern design, so that the entire space is very chic.

Blue curtains

Home improvement with blackout curtains

Le 15 août 2017, 03:22 dans Humeurs 0

Perhaps you are considering purchasing new curtains for your home, particularly you want one for your bedroom, then you have to consider blackout curtains. Blackout homes will play a huge role in enhancing your home. Furthermore, they will be of great help especially if you have shift workers or young children. here are some of the benefits of blackout curtains.

blackout curtains

Benefits of blackout curtains

A major benefit is that they will block light from a room. In fact, some of the curtains have a capability of blocking 99% of light that enters the room which will be perfect for the day sleepers and babies who have a difficulty of sleeping while there is light. Alternatively, entertainment rooms or lounge may also utilize the curtains so as to ensure that there is no light that filters in to ruin your theatre movie night.

Also, blackout curtains have the capability of filtering over 40% of external noise entering the room via windows. Since it is incredibly frustrating to hear noise from the street or lawn mowers especially for day sleepers, the curtains are definitely useful in reducing with the distraction factor.

blackout curtains

Another main benefit of the curtains is to aid in reducing your energy costs. This is because the curtains greatly help to conserve heat in the room during winter and reflect some heat out during summer. That will ensure that you do not waste extra money on cooling or even heating which you could have spent if you didn’t have the curtains. That could see a significant reduction of electricity bill.

Therefore, blackout curtains can make a huge difference to your room. They are certainly worthwhile home tools to invest in and provide a relief that you have seeking for long. Ensure you consider black out curtains the next time you decide to purchase a curtain.

Details are very important when doing french curtains purchasing

Le 31 juillet 2017, 05:17 dans Humeurs 0

Because of the different curtains style has different design idea, for the reason that curtains have different appearance for home decoration. What make them different, of course if very detail. So we have to pay attention to every detail when doing french curtains. To learn more about french curtains, first let star from it very single tiny detail.


The right color can brighten up you room better if it can match your room style. Ensure the curtains color can go with your room main color hue, such as two complementary color or two color belong to the same color family. So cold color better for small room to be room decoration. French curtains are good a choice. Curtains are functional items for interiors with great decorative achievement for interiors. Both the fabric, color and pattern have to pay attention to, whether they can match other things which have already in the room also very important and need to think of.



What fabric curtains you will pick up is based on where the room you want to use the curtains or what feature the curtains you want it to be. For kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, curtains features are not the same, whereas, curtains for kitchen room, bathroom and bedroom are different. The romantic french curtains are better for bedroom.


Very single color has its own meaning, and different color has different appearance for interiors decoration. The soft warm yellow, the noble luxury and peaceful purple. When you choose curtains color, first know well what you room style is and know what you want your room to be to choose the right color, ensure the color is best one to you.

French curtains

Differ from other curtains, french curtains for home decoration appeal different look, like Eiffel Tower, very person has his own feeling on it, but both french curtains and Eiffel Tower for many people, they are romantic, So when you doing french curtains, you can take Eiffel Tower as a reference. With french romantic inspiration to create your own romantic home.

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