If you have large windows at your home, then you can have variety of window treatments for making them look great. One such way is decking up the windows with pleated curtains. The interior of your room will look different when the dense pleats will cascade down from the window. The size of the window as well as the room will be look bigger than normal after you hang such curtains. And if you can hang them in metallic rods they will look even more exquisite.

Sewing pleated curtains

It's true that you can always order online to get pleated curtains delivered at your home, but if you know the procedure you can check if the work is done properly.


While you start making such curtains with pleats, you must take the measurements properly. The total width of the curtains with pleats on them will be double the size of the drapery rod. You can have the length till the floor of the room.

While you start making pleats, you need to take strip of fabric, after folding it stich them below the panel. You can find that pleats are made. This process has to be repeated till end. The size of each pleat can be half inch which would look good.

Pleated curtains give a formal look

There are different ways you can hang a curtain. Among them pleated ones look formal and give your rooms a formal look. You can add more furnishing items to the curtains that will enhance their beauty and in turn will enhance the beauty of your rooms.

pleated curtains

The curtains that you will choose for your rooms will obviously depend upon the interior decor of your rooms. If they are very formal, then just hanging curtains with pleat will add to the formal ambience. If not, then also these curtains look smart and make your rooms beautiful.